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Tips for Reducing the Risk of Drain Clogs

Last updated 4 years ago

Clogged drains are common plumbing issues that can cause major stress. A few simple tips can keep your home’s pipes free and clear of clogs. Fewer clogs means less pressure on your home’s plumbing, which can extend the lifetime of your pipes and fixtures.

Use Hair Traps
Your bathroom is where much of your home’s water use occurs, and where clogs commonly appear. Purchasing mesh hair traps can keep hair and other particles out of your drains and prevent them from accumulating into clogs. These traps are inexpensive and fit over your drains easily; simply remove the trap and empty it into a trash bin once it fills up.

Watch What You Flush
It can be tempting to flush garbage down your toilet, but this is one of the most common causes of toilet clogs. Never put any manmade product into your toilet except for toilet paper. This includes tissues, baby wipes, paper towels, feminine products, wrappers, and dental floss. Even if an item claims to be flushable, it’s best disposed of in the trash rather than the toilet.

Dispose Responsibly
If you have a kitchen disposal, it’s important to use it properly. Eggshells, coffee grounds, animal bones, and fruit rinds should never be put through your disposal. Another cause of kitchen clogs is cooking fat and grease. These are liquid when hot, but they cool and congeal quickly inside your pipes. Store these wastes in a sealed jar instead, and throw them away with your solid garbage once they cool.

Try Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaners
Eco-friendly drain cleaners use bacteria or enzymes to keep your pipes clear of any organic material that could cause clogs. They can be used periodically for maintenance purposes to prevent buildup from completely blocking your drains.

The plumbers at Expert Plumbing Service in New Lenox can help you keep your home’s drains flowing smoothly. Call us today at (708) 231-4792 to find out more about our wide range of plumbing, water heater, and sump pump services. Visit our website for more helpful home plumbing tips. 


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